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Eye Care Center Limited: Common Eye Injuries

Your eyes consist of several components which include: the cornea, sclera, conjunctiva, iris, and the vitreous, which is the clear gel that fills most of your eyes. All of these parts work together so you can perceive the world around you. However, they are highly sensitive and can be damaged from a blow, infection, or bacteria. Our staff at Eye Care Center LTD can treat a variety of eye injuries.

This is a list of the most common eye injury, helping you determine your next step following an accident. Prevention is the best form of medicine: safety practices like using safety goggles or glasses may be your best approach to safeguarding the health of your eyes.

Most Common Eye Injuries

Corneal abrasions. This is one of the more common eye injuries that are caused by getting poked in the eye or rubbing your eyes too hard with a foreign object still in it. Corneal abrasions are uncomfortable and can cause redness and sensitivity to light. If you expect corneal abrasion, it is important to get in contact with emergency services since problems can be progressive. If left untreated, your eye may become susceptible to infection, which may lead to blindness.

Chemical burns. Getting sprayed in the eye with a substance other than clean water can be harmful. Not only can a chemical cause stinging, but it may also cause serious injury. Acids, in particular, can cause considerable redness and burning.

Alkali, for example, can be particularly dangerous to your eyes, yet are commonly found in many beauty products. The pH balance on alkali can be as high as 9.5 or higher. The pH balance of the human eye sits at a neutral 7.0-7.3. An alkaline substance will aggressively alter the eye's pH level, strip its protective barrier, and leave chemical burns. If you're been splashed in the eye with a chemical, wash it with a steady stream of warm tap water for about 15 minutes then call emergency services. Inform them of the chemical that got in your eye and what you have done so far to alleviate the pain.

Eye swelling. Swollen eyelids can result from being struck in the eye. The immediate recommended action is to put an ice pack on the eye to alleviate the swelling. You may also experience a black eye or bruising around the eyes. If you do get a black eye, it is advised to see an eye doctor to make sure that there is no internal injury or damage to the eye socket area.

About Eye Care Center Limited

Catering to the Addison and Burbank areas, Eyecare Center Limited offers optometry services, including emergency eye care due to injury. If you need medical intervention or advice, contact us at one of our offices. Our Addison office can be reached at 630-543-0607 and our Burbank location can be reached at 708-599-0050!


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