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Eye Allergies

At Eye Care Center Limited, we can help if you are suffering from eye allergies. Our team provides quality eye care for our patients in Addison, Burbank, and the surrounding communities. Dr. Albina offers treatments and management solutions for eye allergies.

Are Eye Allergies A Big Deal?

You may think that your eye allergies are just an annoying part of your life that you must accept. The truth is, eye allergies can affect your eye health over the long run. Eye allergies often cause you to scratch or rub your eyes. If this continues for long periods, permanent damage can be done to your eyes. Chronic eye allergies can also affect your vision as you are constantly experiencing tearing and blurry vision.

How an Optometrist Can Help

An optometrist can help with your eye allergies. When you come in for a regular eye exam, you can discuss your concerns with the eye doctor. We will help you determine the cause of your eye allergies.

We will also be able to prescribe medicated eye drops that are specially designed to treat eye allergies. There are many different types of eye drops available. Our eye doctor will perform a thorough exam before choosing which drops will be most beneficial.

Other types of treatment can be used to reduce allergic reactions. Although allergies often cannot be cured, they can be managed with proper treatment.

Find Your Eye Allergy Relief at Eye Care Center Limited

If you would like to learn more about eye allergies and what treatments are available, contact Eye Care Center Limited to schedule an appointment with Dr. Albina. Call our Addison office today at (630) 543-0607 or our Burbank office at (708) 599-0050. You can also reach us through our website by using our online contact form.


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