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Our team at The Eye Care Center LTD works to address any health issues pertaining to your vision and care of your eyes. Our offices in Addison , Burbank, and Westmont welcome our patients with an easygoing and informative atmosphere. We provide all of the resources you need for improving your vision, finding the perfect eyeglasses or lenses, and checking for any signs of eye health issues.


Eye Exams With Our Optometrist

An eye exam by our eye doctor ensures that you receive the right prescription lenses and keeps your eye health in check. You will go through a few reading tests, reading the lines of letters while you try a succession of different lenses. This is important because even subtle changes in your vision will affect your prescription. Our eye doctor will test the way your eyes work together to follow the stimuli. Your eyes will be dilated so that the doctor can examine the condition of your retina, macula, and optic nerves. The puff of air, or tonometry test, measures the pressure in your eye, analyzing your risk for glaucoma.

Contact Lenses

Talk to our optometrists if you would like contact lenses and we will walk you through the various options. The standard soft, pliable lenses work well particularly for first-time users and their supple texture offers comfort for all-day wear. Rigid gas-permeable lenses allow air in through the lens, which helps those that are prone to eye infections or dry eye. For eyes that are hard to fit with contact lenses, scleral lenses cover a much larger portion of the eye and stay in place more effectively. They are gas-permeable and provide a comfortable option for patients with irregularly shaped corneas.

Designer Frames

Eyeglasses offer a convenient, easily wearable tool for clear vision, but in addition to that, they can be a stylish accessory. If adding some polish and sophistication to your look interests you, check out our selection of designer frames. Designers work to create precise shaping that flatters the curves of the face. We will help you find a pair that you love.

Safety Glasses and Sports Eyewear

Talk to our optometrists in Addison , Burbank, and Westmont to let us know about your activities, lifestyle, and your vision needs. Based on your occupation or hobbies, we can apply your prescription to sports eyewear, from performance-designed sunglasses to protective safety glasses and goggles. We offer lens coating options like prescription polarized glasses and ultraviolet protection to help you see better and protect your eyes in the sunlight.

Contact Our Optometrist in Addison & Burbank

The Eye Care Center LTD takes care of all of your vision and eye health needs. Call our Addison office today at (630) 543-0607, Burbank office at (708) 599-0050, or our Westmont office at(630) 969-2807.

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