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Overview of Eye Care Services Provided by Eye Care Center LTD

If you’re looking for top-notch eye care, visit us at Eye Care Center LTD in Addison and Burbank. Our team of eye care professionals offers a variety of services, including eye exams, glass fittings, pre- and post-surgery care, and more. We also test for glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts. If you’re worried about the health of your eyes, an eye health evaluation is in order.

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Let’s take a quick look at some of the many eye health services we offer.

Eye Exams and Eye Health Evaluations

Regular eye exams are wise. An optometrist may notice a problem early and can provide treatment or refer you to a specialist who can offer treatment. Your eye doctor can also work with you to review your patient history, assess eye movement, focusing, and tracking, and to assess the overall health and vitality of your eyes.

Glass Fittings

If you’re having trouble seeing, it may be time to get a pair of eyeglasses. The exact glasses you need will depend on your vision. Our optometrist can run a variety of tests to help determine exactly which type of lenses will improve your sight. Then you can find the lenses and frames that work best for you.

Eye Care Center LTD is a leading eyewear provider in the Addison and Burbank area, so get in touch.

Contact Lens Fitting

If you don’t want to wear eyeglasses, you may be able to use contacts. That said, contacts must be specially fitted to your needs. Further, you’ll have to decide which type of contacts work best for you. You can select rigid-gas permeable contacts, specialty contact lenses, daily-wear soft contacts, extended wear, and various other types of contact lenses.

Sports Eye Wear

If you or a loved one is participating in sports, you may need sports eyewear. Traditional glasses and specialty contact lenses may not be safe to use while playing certain sports. Sports eyewear may increase safety and performance.

LASIK Pre- and Post-Surgery Exams

If you’re wondering if LASIK surgery is right for you or your family, talk with our eye doctor about surgery co-management. LASIK surgery has a high success rate. That said, there are certain complications you should be aware of.

Emergency Eye Care

When it comes to your vision, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you’ve suffered an injury, are experiencing vision loss, believe you have an eye infection, or are experiencing corneal abrasions, speak with an eye doctor right away.

Contact us at Eye Care Center LTD in Addison or Burbank to schedule an immediate consultation.

When treating vision issues, time is often of the essence, so don’t delay! Contact Eye Care Center LTD in Addison or Burbank right away!


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