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Advanced Dry Eye Syndrome Relief

If you're suffering from dry eye syndrome, you should know that it's possible to get relief from your symptoms. At Eye Care Center LTD by Albina Optometric, we work with patients in the Addison , Burbank, and Willowbrook areas to help them find the treatments they need. While many people who have dry eyes can manage mild cases on their own or with just a little help, there are some people with more advanced cases. If you have an advanced case of dry eye syndrome, getting the proper help can be very important.


Advanced Cases of Dry Eye

For people with advanced cases of dry eye, the discomfort can be moderate to severe. It can result in stinging, burning, blurry vision, redness, watery eyes, and more. Itching and sensitivity to light are two of the biggest concerns for a lot of people with this condition because those issues become distracting and difficult to handle. When working in a location where there is a lot of bright light, having dry eye syndrome can make it difficult to focus on tasks or see things clearly.

Who Is at Risk for Dry Eye?

There are some medical conditions that put people at risk for dry eyes. These include rosacea, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. For many people, though, it's not another medical problem that's causing their symptoms. Instead, they just have dry eyes. They either aren't making enough of their own, natural tears or their tears are drying up too quickly to keep their eyes moistened properly.

Treatments to Prevent Disease Progression

One of the most important things to consider for dry eye relief is reducing the progression of the condition itself. The ocular tissues can be damaged by chronic dryness of the eyes, and there can also be scarring of the cornea. That may lead to a loss of vision. There are treatments that can help reduce this risk. Prescription eye drops, specialty contact lenses, and intense pulsed light therapy are just some of the ways that dry eye syndrome can be treated in order to reduce the chances of the condition continuing to progress.

Work with Our Eye Doctor Today

If you're in the Addison , Burbank or Willowbrook areas and are struggling with dry eye syndrome, contact us today at Eye Care Center LTD by Albina Optometric. Our eye doctor can work with you on dry eye relief options, so you can feel better and have less discomfort. Your eyes are important and keeping them healthy matters. With the right treatments, you can reduce your risk for blurry vision, vision loss, and other types of eye problems.

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