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Eye Focusing Problems

See Clearly with Addison , Burbank, and Willowbrook Optometry Services

Eye focusing problems afflict almost everyone at some time or another. If you find yourself with persistently poor vision, our optometry specialists can help. The The Eye Care Center LTD in Addison , Burbank, and Willowbrook offers a wide range of vision services that will help to restore your eyesight with or without corrective lenses.


Many Causes for Eye Focusing Problems

You might have trouble focusing your eyes for many reasons. Those include:

  • Myopia, which refers to nearsightedness and blurry objects that are far away.
  • Astigmatism, which refers to an out-of-round cornea or other eye matter that affects vision.
  • Hyperopia, which also is called farsightedness and makes objects close up look blurry.
  • Presbyopia, which can make it hard to see things up close, particularly for older adults.

The four causes listed above are the most common eye afflictions. Collectively, they are called refractive errors. That is because they affect the eye’s focal point and cause eye focusing problems.

Signs Your Eyesight Suffers from Refractive Errors

While blurry vision is a sure sign of eye focusing problems, many other signs point to the same issue. If you see halos emanating from street and traffic lights at night, refractive errors might cause that to happen. You also might experience headaches, eye strain, double vision, and similar complications.

Computer Vision Adds to Problems

If you spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen, your eyesight might suffer from computer vision. Computer vision refers to eye focusing problems caused by too much exposure to computer screens. The screens continually flash at extremely high rates of speed to renew them and stay current. The blue light produced can irritate the eyes. And spending long hours typing and focused on the computer screen can cause eye focusing problems and possibly even headaches.

Call The Eye Care Center LTD Today!

From corrective lenses to LASIK surgery and other procedures, we can correct your eye focusing problems. Our highly skilled and experienced optometry professionals at the The Eye Care Center LTD in Addison , Burbank, and Willowbrook will examine your eyesight and discuss potential solutions. Like most people, more than one way could correct your eyesight now and into the future. We have many affordable and effective options to improve your vision and improve your view of the world around you. You can reach our Addison office by calling (630) 543-0607, Burbank office by calling (708) 599-0050, and our Willowbrook office(630) 969-2807.

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