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Specialty Contacts at Eye Care Center Limited

There are many reasons a person might need specialty contacts. If you're in the Addison, Burbank or Willowbrook area and are interested in specialty contact lenses, our team at Eye Care Center LTD can help. Working with the right eye doctor can ensure you get the information and support you need for better vision and improved eye health. Our optometrists can help you choose the specialty contact lenses that are right for your unique needs.


Ortho-K Lenses

These contact lenses are used to gently reshape the cornea while you sleep. They're put in place before bedtime and removed when you wake up. Since they work to reshape your cornea while you wear them, you'll experience clearer vision when you take them out in the morning. If you continue to wear Ortho-K lenses as directed, you'll be able to maintain your improved vision and not need to wear contact lenses or glasses while you're awake.

RGP Contacts

RGP or rigid gas permeable contact lenses are also sometimes called hard lenses instead of standard soft contact lenses. They're often used for people who need significant vision correction and those who aren't good candidates for soft contact lenses. RGP contacts are breathable, and they're also custom-fit to your eye and prescription needs. That gives them an advantage over soft lenses. The vision quality you'll get with RGP contacts is superior, and there's the potential to slow myopia progression with them, too.

Scleral Contacts

These large-diameter gas permeable lenses are designed for people with irregular corneas or other issues that make wearing standard contact lenses too difficult. Scleral contacts are large enough to rest their edges on the sclera, which is the white part of the eye. By doing that, they cover the entire cornea and provide a smooth surface and improved vision. They can also act as a reservoir for fluid, which helps people with dry eyes wear them. With scleral contacts, there are more options to avoid glasses.

Contact Us for Quality Eye Care from Our Optometrist in Addison , Burbank or Willowbrook

If you're in the Addison , Burbank or Willowbrook area and want to work with an eye doctor who can help with specialty contacts, reach out to us today. Eye Care Center LTD, which is a part of Albina Optometric, is dedicated to helping people with various types of vision problems. Even if you've been told you can't wear contact lenses, talk to us to see if our specialty lenses will work for you. It's possible that a different type of contact lens will work well for your particular needs. Contact our professional staff today for help finding the best vision correction option for you.

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