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Designer Frames

Designer Frames At Our The Eye Care Center LTD in Addison, Burbank, & Westmont IL

Eyeglasses play a bigger role in life. Apart from promoting good vision, people tend to recognize you by your face. As such, the eyeglasses become part of your identity. At The Eye Care Center LTD, we provide high-quality optometry services in Addison , Burbank, and Westmont. We help you select the best designer frames based on your vision, mission, and personality. 

Designer Frames
What Eyeglasses Say About You 

Eyeglasses can help create the image you want. The secret is finding the appropriate designer frames to match your lifestyle and personality.  Dr. Najib Albina, our Addison,  Burbank, and Westmont Optometrist recommends the answering following questions when selecting your eyeglass frames: 

  • What do you want your designer frames for? 
  • What activities do you participate in? 
  • What kind of work do you do? 

Most people use various eyeglasses for different occasions. To help you understand more and decide, consider what our eye doctor recommends in terms of size, material, styling, and color. 

Designer Frames for Serious Business 

To assist instill confidence and trust among most business clients, it’s advisable to remain with conservative frames and colors. Consider the following to enhance your professional image: 

  • Classic shapes like almonds, ovals, and rectangles 
  • Traditional colors such as gold, black, silver and gray 
  • Plastic frames with no bright colors and no unusual shapes. 

Eyeglass Frames that Showcase Fashion and Creativity

Modern shapes, like geometric designs, can help you showcase your fashionista and creativity. These designs come in both plastic and metal frames. Some of the designs to consider include: 

  • Large-sized frames 
  • Multicolored laminates 
  • Laser-cut details and finishes 
  • Retro or vintage styling 

Eyeglass Frames Any Age

Everyone wants to appear modern and young. To achieve this, our Addison , Burbank, and Westmont optometrists recommends designer frames that uplift your face, like soft cat-eye for women and upswept rectangles for men. 

Colors can also help you look younger. Gunmetal, burgundy and deep browns can work for men while lighter and shiner hues are ideal for women. 

Designer Frames for Students 

College is a perfect time to nurture your own identity. Students don’t have conservative office constraints. That gives you a wide variety of eyewear styling to try, including bright colors and shapes. 

Eyewear for Busy Parents 

For busy parents on the go with limited time to think about the latest trends in eyeglasses, basic, stylish glasses can work magic. Ovals, soft cat-eye, and upswept rectangle shapes keep you looking great. 

Eyeglasses for The Weekend 

Most people live dual lives- weekday life and weekend life. Choosing the right eyeglasses for the weekend keeps you comfortable and safe. For sports eyewear, we recommend considering the following factors: 

  • Polarized sunglass lenses to reduce glare 
  • Polycarbonate lenses to protect you from impact sports 
  • Lens tints to improve your vision in various lighting conditions

Designer Frames at The Eye Care Center LTD in Addison , Burbank, and Westmont, IL!

We offer a one-on-one approach to optometry to make sure you receive high-quality optometry services. Call our  Addison location at (630) 543-0607, Burbank office at (708) 599-0050 and Westmont office at(630) 969-2807 to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor in Addison , Burbank, and Westmont to get your designer frames.

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