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Crossed Eyes (Strabismus)

Strabismus Treatment at Eye Care Center LTD

Strabismus is an eye condition best known for causing crossed eyes. It involves vision, driving poor depth perception, double vision, and other problems. You may have many questions if you have strabismus. We can give you the necessary treatment at Eye Care Center LTD in Burbank, Addison, or Willowbrook, IL. Here's everything you need to know. 

crossed Eye

What Causes Strabismus or Crossed Eyes?

Six muscles surround the eye, and they usually work together to move the eye in the same direction. Strabismus stops these muscles from working together, preventing the eyes from focusing on the same object. This causes confusion and vision problems by sending two images to the brain.

How Does Strabismus Affect Children?

Children are susceptible to strabismus, and it could affect their vision for the rest of their lives. Children are at risk of amblyopia, more commonly known as lazy eye, which can cause permanent vision loss as the brain starts to ignore the image from the weaker eye.

What Causes Strabismus?

The cause varies on the person and the onset of symptoms, such as whether it affects both eyes, whether it's constantly or only sometimes present, and the degree of turning. It also depends on how strabismus presents, such as the direction of the turned or misaligned eye. It can turn inward, outward, upward, or downward. Identifying these symptoms helps optometrists understand the condition's cause and how to treat it.

What Treatment Options Are Available?

Treatment depends on the severity of the condition and the underlying cause. Less severe cases can be treated by correcting refractive errors with glasses or contacts and resolving misalignment. A highly effective treatment method is eye patching the stronger eye to encourage the weaker eye to work harder. Vision therapy exercises to improve eye muscle control have proven to help.

Surgery to Fix Strabismus

Surgery may be necessary in severe cases to correct the eyes' misalignment. It typically involves loosening or tightening the muscles around the eye to improve its function. Sometimes this can be achieved in one surgery, although sometimes, it might require more than one procedure to completely correct.

Correct Crossed Eyes at Eye Care Center LTD

At Eye Care Center LTD, we provide expert eye care to the Addison, Burbank, and Willowbrook, IL, communities. Our optometry services have helped patients of all ages overcome eye and vision disorders, such as strabismus. Contact Eye Care Center LTD at Addison (630) 543-0607, Burbank (708) 599-0050, or Willowbrook (630) 969-2807 to learn about our strabismus treatment options. 

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