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Macular Degeneration

Identifying and Treating Macular Degeneration

People often forget that our eyes are organs, and like other organs, the human eye is at risk of infections and disorders. A common disorder for people over 50 to develop is macular degeneration. Our team at The Eye Care Center Limited can help patients identify macular degeneration and other vision problems they may be experiencing.


Understanding the Vision Process 

The retina is the part of the eye that makes vision possible. Located at the back of the eye, this area receives the light that enters the pupil. The center part of the retina is referred to as the macula, which is itself important in providing central vision. Macular degeneration can greatly reduce the ability to see clearly and properly perceive different colors. The condition is normally associated with aging, though it can result from other factors like smoking and poor diet. It can also be inherited or develop in those with high blood pressure. Dry-type degeneration is associated with fat and protein material emanating from the eye itself. Normally harmless, this condition can become serious if the material accumulates in certain parts of the eye. Wet-type degeneration is related to the formation of small blood vessels beneath the macula. This condition can develop in a relatively short period of time and can seriously reduce a person's vision. 

The Need for Optometry Services

Macular degeneration does not always produce immediate symptoms. It may be recognized as a change, either sudden or over a period of time, in the ability to see clearly. Macular degeneration can also appear as a distortion of colors or straight lines in objects. Areas of vision may appear unusually dark or blurry. Because of the relationship of this condition to aging, it is important for everyone over 50 to undergo a regular vision examination at least every two years. Macular problems can be detected through routine vision examinations or through specialized testing. Our team at The Eye Care Center Limited will conduct thorough examinations of our patients in order to help identify vision-related disorders and establish a course of action when found.    

Helping You Maintain Your Vision   

Fortunately, those diagnosed with macular degeneration have several treatment options. These procedures include the injection of medications and even the use of laser technology. Vitamins and minerals can also help with treating the condition. However, the key to success in dealing with the problem is early detection. The Eye Care Center Limited offers the type of optometry services needed to detect macular degeneration and other vision disorders. Schedule an appointment at our Burbank or Addison location and to help you improve your vision. 


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