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If you have severe dry eye symptoms, your eye doctor may recommend Prokera for relief. Prokera is formulated from amniotic membrane which has the all-natural properties of being both anti-inflammatory and anti-scarring. This is the sole FDA cleared therapeutic device that is utilized by eye care practitioners to give their patients instant symptom relief and reduction of inflammation. Not only does Prokera relieve pain by serving as a dry eye treatment, but it can restore the epithelium, the outer layer of the cornea, bringing the eye back to a healthy, normal state. 


What Can Prokera Treat?

Prokera is utilized by an optometrist to treat diseases of the eye such as corneal scars and defects, keratitis, chemical burns, partial limbal stem cell deficiency, and a number of many other inflammatory ocular surface diseases. 

What's the Difference between Prokera and Lipiflow?

Lipiflow delivers heat and pressure to massage the meibomian glands and thus release clogged oils. Prokera is worn like a contact lens and uses natural enzymes to help the cornea heal. They both treat different eye disorders in different ways by way of placing applicators under the eyelid. Prokera may be more comfortable, as many Lipiflow patients require numbing drops. 

What Does Prokera Treatment Consist of?

The Prokera device is made out of amniotic membrane tissue clipped in between two rings that are fabricated from a clear and flexible material. The treatment both reduces inflammation and promotes healing. The amniotic membrane is obtained from placentas donated by consenting mothers who delivered via Caesarian section. The mothers have given informed consent and are tested for any infectious disease before donation. Prokera treatment is safe and in a study consisting of 160 optometry patients, 95% reported full healing. 

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