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Sports Vision

The Eye Care Center LTD: Sports Vision Training

While there are many people out there who may think that sports vision has to do with protecting the eyes during the game, this is not exactly what sports vision training is about. Every athlete would like to take their performance to the next level. Sports vision training is a way for this to happen. Those who are looking for information on sports training in the Addison area should take a look at some of the helpful information below from The Eye Care Center LTD. Sports vision training can be helpful for athletes playing a wide variety of sports.

An Overview of Sports Vision Training: A Focus on Athletics

The goal of sports vision training is to work on taking the visual capabilities of an athlete to new heights. This training is going to focus on the visual abilities that are required to excel in their specific sport. Some of the areas that sports vision training is going to work on include tracking, focusing, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination. A professional optometrist can tailor these training exercises to fit the needs of the sport of the athlete, allowing them to excel during play.

Examples of Sports Vision Training

Sports vision training is going to be different for different athletes. These exercises are going to be focused on their individual sport. For example, a tennis player or baseball player is probably going to focus on changing visual acuity and hand-eye coordination to adjust for the depth of their target as well as its speed. On the other hand, the exercises for someone who plays golf are going to focus on visual alignment that will allow them to better read the green. These exercises are going to change depending on the sport to ensure that they are most effective for the athlete.

Sports Vision Screening is Important

Sports vision training is going to start with a simple vision screening. This is going to give the optometry department more information on that person’s eyes so that they can better serve them. Some of the issues that the screening may show are that the athlete may have less than 20:20 vision, poor depth perception, or poor hand-eye coordination. Then, we can focus on these issues to improve their skills.

Trust the Team at The Eye Care Center LTD

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