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Contact Lens Fitting

Our eyes are two of our most important sensory organs, and it is our job to make sure that they are safe and healthy. With eyes that need correction, contact lenses are a viable and safe option that can help to improve eye sight. Here at Eye Care Center LTD in Addison., IL, Burbank, IL, and Willowbrook, IL, we help our patients do that. 

contact lens fitting

What Is a Contact Lens Exam?

Contact lenses are small pieces of plastic that are designed to help correct vision. Much like the lenses in a pair of glasses, contact lenses are designed to help make your vision better so that you can see clearly. Contact lens exams are different than exams for glasses for a few different reasons. A contact lens exam is going to help to find the right shape, type, and brand of contact lens for your particular eye. An eye doctor also takes the shape of a person’s eye into account when doing a contact lens exam because the lenses are placed directly onto the cornea.

At the end of a contact lens exam, you will be given a trial pair of contacts, as well as coaching on how to put them in and take them out of your eyes before you leave the office.  After a trial week of wearing those contacts, there will be a follow-up appointment.  Be sure to raise any concerns you had during that week in relation to the comfort and effectiveness of your contacts.

Should I Have a Contact Lens Exam?

If you are thinking of having contact lenses, you already have contact lenses, or you are going for your yearly eye exam, it may be beneficial to have a contact lens exam. Contact exams are the only way to obtain a prescription for contacts. Many people find contacts incredibly convenient, and with a correct lens prescription you can get contacts that will correct your vision just as well as a pair of glasses will.

Finding an Eye Doctor for an Eye Exam and Specialty Contacts

Here at Eye Care Center LTD, we offer a range of different contact options so that you can get the right contact lenses for your eyes. After a contact lens exam provided by our optometrist, you will be given a prescription that can be used to order the perfect pair of contact lenses to match your unique eyes.

Eye Care Center LTD in (630) 543-0607 Addison, IL, (630) 969-2807 Willowbrook, IL, and (708) 599-0050 Burbank, IL, is ready and waiting to help you find the right contacts for your particular needs. Contact Eye Care Center LTD today to set up your exam so that you can get your contact lens prescription and so that you can start to see clearly without glasses. An optometrist on our team is here to help with specialty contacts.




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