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 Polarized Glasses

If you spend a lot of time near the water, you don't need tinted glasses. You need polarized glasses. Dr. Albina at Eye Care Center, your optometrist in Burbank and Addison, has this essential advice on polarized glasses.

Polarized glasses block glare

Outdoor light comes from the sun and is reflected in every direction. But when these scattered rays of light are reflected by a flat surface, they emerge traveling in the same direction. In other words, they become polarized. When light is polarized, it becomes more intense and you see glare. Polarized glasses have a special filter that blocks polarized light and reduces glare.

Polarized are almost always a better choice for outdoor wear

There are a few outdoor activities for which sunglasses are a better choice than polarized glasses. When you are snow skiing, for instance, you want to be able to see glare so you will recognize icy patches. It's harder to see images on a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen when you are wearing polarized glasses. This is the reason it is not a good idea to wear polarized glasses when you are flying a plane. It can likewise be harder to read the screen of an ATM when you are wearing polarized glasses. Depending on the technology your phone uses, polarized glasses may make it harder to see the screen on your phone. But there are some situations in which polarized glasses are clearly the best choice.

Sometimes polarized glasses can greatly improve your vision

Some of the situations in which your vision is greatly improved by polarized glasses include:

  • Any time you are on the water: Polarized glasses make it much easier to see what is below the surface.
  • Days you go in and out a lot: Photochromic lenses, which darken when exposed to sunlight, are a great additional feature for your polarized glasses.
  • If you are over 40: If you like to read outdoors, polarized glasses make it a lot easier to see smaller print. This is particularly true for people over the age of 40.

Get your polarized glasses from Dr. Albina!

Dr. Najib Albina, your optometrist in Burbank and Addison, has a complete selection of sun protective options for prescription and non-prescription eyewear, including UV protection, photochromic coatings, and polarized lens. You can call Eye Care Center at 630-543-0607 for our Addison office, or 708-599-0050 for our Burbank location.


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